Lopan is a free version of the classic tile-matching game Mahjongg solitaire. It is available for HP/Palm’s webOS devices. The game features multiple backgrounds and tile sets.

How to Play

The basic rules are very simple. Tiles which are not blocked in from both the left and right or are not blocked from above may be removed in pairs. Each set of tiles contains four tiles. Pairs are made naturally for the numbered tiles. There are also a number of special tiles. These are the four winds, the four flowers and the four seasons. Any tile in these sets may be matched to another tile from the same set (i.e. winds with winds). There are also four tiles for each of three dragons: The green, white and red dragons. The dragons match in normal pairs. For more information on the rules and history of Mahjongg Solitaire please visit this site.

Remember:  There are two pairs for each set.  Be sure not to block one pair in a set when removing the other pair.  Think through your moves!  If you get stuck, you can always request a hint with the ‘h’ key.

More Help

If you need help with the app or experience problems playing it please use our Contact page.  We welcome all feedback and are committed to improving our products.


3 Responses to Lopan

  1. Love your Lopan Mahjongg Solitaire FREE for webOS. I even upgraded from a Pixi to the Pre so I could use it. A couple of requests (of course!):

    – add a preferences page to let Lopan remember my preferred layout and tileset.
    – add a “scramble” feature when there are no more tile matches.


  2. One more little request:

    – add a “new game” button on the tile screen when there are no more matches, so I don’t have to slide open the keyboard just to press “enter.”

  3. Debbie says:

    Loved this game. Updated my phone, no longer have a Pre. Would like it for my android phone. Haven’t found any other Mahjong games that work as well

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